social media and this blog

Clearly I went through with my decision to create a blog; welcome!

I want to begin with a confession: I am addicted to Facebook. I love it. I love seeing what people have been up to, who from grade school became doctors or investment bankers, or how many kids everyone has, or what type of house they live in, blah blah blah.  Basically, it brings out the side of me that occupies my time with what others are doing, and not with what I am doing. Not good.

And then there is this:

The life riff-raff. Obviously, my lifestyle and politics and this guy’s lifestyle and politics do not match. Sure, I have de-friended the guy , but that doesn’t appease all my issues with FB. Not only does it have creepy privacy issues, but it also helps cultivate this bizarre culture of self-indulgence that I would like to contribute less to. I mean, who here is the commodity? Jury’s still out on getting rid of it completley as I might want to keep it for the biz, but I will definitely be scaling it down if I do.

So, I hope this blog will be about all the things I love, hate, do and make. I hope it will help keep me in touch with the like-minded comrades I have met along the way. I miss you all.