on being a waitress and an existential crisis of sorts

In New Zealand, Mike and I both had cushy jobs. Collectively we made about $120,000 (a crap load for a couple of bums like us). We both had fancy job titles and both worked for the “government”. We ate out a lot, travelled often enough and lived, what his parents now refer to as, a “shooter” lifestyle.

Yes, the slacker/punk/anarchists joined in. Low-level jobs and not in our own country, mind you, but it still gave us a glimpse of the government/corporate structure and I gotta say: No thanks. Can’t do it. Sorry. Not for me.

So, since coming back to Canada I have asked myself relentlessly “what next?”. Therevox is one of the paths, yes, but we don’t know how that is going to go. There needs to be more ideas here. More possible paths. You cast a few lines out, right? I have wracked my brain for something… anything. I have had ideas that made a bit of sense (speech pathologist) and ideas that were downright ludicrous (cirque du soleil… c’mon, it can still happen!), but nothing that actually caught my attention. I have occupied my time with learning to sew (and solder!) and playing interior designer with the apartment. And while I don’t have a concrete idea yet, I am still exploring, forever trying and doing my best not to be lazy (oh, how I would love to spend my days being lazy and eating poutine).

For money, I have been serving/managing a Thai restaurant.  I love waitressing; I do. Each table is a new dynamic, new people, personalities and interesting conversations. The money is great; especially for a city like Windsor. But, from time to time, someone will ask me why I am working there or if I am at the University, then when I say no, I get “Well, then do you have kids?” (you MUST be contributing to society somehow, right?). Occasionally I also have the pleasure of old “friends” from high school coming in and making me feel small (in turn making them feel larger-than-life for being the manager of a bank). Awesome. So, yeah, one could say that I’ve gotten some slack for being a 31-year-old part-time waitress. Thing is: I wanted a year of sabbatical. I wanted time to think about what the next step was. I wanted time to understand my strengths and weaknesses and how I can best use them to my advantage.

And now I have a couple of ideas. So, watch this space… and keep me honest, dear readers.


One thought on “on being a waitress and an existential crisis of sorts

  1. Hey Melissa,

    Just a quick note to say that:
    1. Whatever job you do does not mean who you really are, at least it shouldn’t and if some dick ass makes you feel small then he shouldn’t. He may have a “great” job managing a bank, but probably doesn’t have life as he has no time for it.
    2. As a reply you could always say that you are starting your own company as you don’t want to be slaving for any corporation.
    3. I remember when I was waitressing in England, it was fun, I met whole heap of cool people, had a great time and lots of money from tips. Life was good.
    4. I really like reading what you guys are up to so keep it up.
    5. Your cat does remind me of Dzidzia.
    6. Miss your face.

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