road trippin’, food makin’ and nelly dancin’

I have learned that I go through ebbs and flows with my want to communicate with others. Whether it is just my introverted nature or the ugly side of inherited mental illness remains to be seen. So, please forgive me dear readers (all 5 of you) if I have been silent. There will be times.

Last week I went strawberry picking with Mike’s mum (must remember to bring camera next time) and have been cooking up a storm. In my search for strawberry recipes, I have come across a few stellar blogs that I am itching to try every recipe from:

My New Roots

Sprouted Kitchen

Oh She Glows

Healthful Pursuit

I have already tried a couple and: yum.

Next week we are going on a road trip up to Montreal with some camping/bike riding scheduled along the way. I have also convinced Mike (who doesn’t, um, swim) to go to a water park in the mountains. A fun, non-drowning time should be had by all.

Finally, it has been quite hot here lately, so allow me to remind you of this.

p.s. shame Nelly has resorted to advertising for his new music via this old song.


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